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December 2018


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Word on the street?–there’s never been a more important time than now to engage in funk philanthropy–where the vibe is cool new collections of our (Abrahamic) Interfaith-based EPs, albums and mixtapes. Exclusively iABRAHAM–exclusively helping the homeless, addicted and those in prison. Urbanware gear for the City grind or rural rhymefest runway. Expressive designs, indigenous found-sounds and threads with some serious Interfaith street cred. And don’t leave iAbraham without some soulfill tracks from Damascus city to NYCity streets. iAbraham’s custom curated music collabs encourages and enables new Interfaith dialogues through the language of music’s contemporary HipHop culture. Every iAbraham release is a soul-sparking sound-experience toward reconciliation, restorative justice and repair of our broken, battered and beleaguered , beat down and lifted up B-attitude world.

So get into funk philanthropy now and grab the global premiere exclusive iAbraham Interfaith compilation album! “crossing the tracs” Digitally downloadable from iAbraham.Co|bandcamp and iAbraham|iTunes. Stay vigilant for fast, future new releases of iAbraham.Co Interfaith-designed music dialogues, and experience Abrahamic cultures coming together through the beats, rhythms, MunitioNines sweet-spots, rhymes in new paradigms for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Authentic socially and spiritually conscious compassionate, soulfull music. iAbraham. Helping the homeless, addicted-rehabilitated and incarcerated through radical hiphoSPITality.

Our exclusive collection of iABRAHAM music collaborative CD’s is currently in process and slated to debut in 2012. Visit us frequently and sign up for occasional email updates as iABRAHAM collaborative music starts streaming. We’ll let you know when the collaborations become available for download and/or physical purchase.


Narcy – Fly Over Egypt (Official Video)

theBREAX feat. DJ Wade-O : Passion Art (Yap Yap) @thebreax @djwadeo





Cas Metah – This Can’t Be True feat. T-mo Goodie & Jawz of Life (@illect)