Welcome to GUILDWORKS outreach iABRAHAM and our creative cultural initiatives pRISEN and elHOMEbre. iAbraham’s programs harness the power of music’s universality using our common musical bonds to catalyze deep and often difficultly purchased faith for the homeless, addicted and those in prison. elHOMEbre and pRISEN initiatives share a core premise directly affecting our addicted and incarcerated and a dire concern most agencies/organizations can’t undertake–cultivating and feeding individuals’ hearts and inner Spiritual lives. America’s “land of opportunity” harbors 24 million people (most Black and Hispanic) enslaved to addiction, many in prisons. 99% have no access to good treatment facilities. A majority of prisoners are repeat-offenders. Lady Liberty’s “golden door” looks away from that Manhattan, shakes its New Colossus head and moves on despite approaching a half-million homeless on the streets. Economically beleaguered and disproportionately marginalized, our poor communities need deep, fomenting succor and the gritty soulfood of spiritual sustenance. iAbraham’s elHOMEbre and pRISEN programs convey holy culture across the Abrahamic faiths. Ethno-indigenous world-music beats and the revolutionary vehicles of Jewish HipHop, Gospel Rap and modern Muslim social-activist rappers are creating a new cadre of global-grind emCs and beatmakers–contemporizing and widening the spiritual scope of modern urban music.


iAbraham urban outreach co-joins music and ministry placing them powerfully in service to reconciliation and restorative justice, repairing spiritual brokenness in the world and witnessing salvation and redemption in God’s urban Garden. A virtual web-based Bedouin metropolis with ethno-indigenous cultural caravans, ecumenist musicians and eclectic designers dialoguing with one an(other), iAbraham invites the disenfranchised including those in prison to reconnect their lives to God’s graciousness. As a Christian Interfaith organization, we’re directly called to bring the Gospel’s message of God’s love and grace, love releasing us from physical and spiritual imprisonment. And we know God’s love is often disguised below our gaze, under the radar. Because the least of these other, foreign strangers, the invisible on our streets can be angels unaware. God’s witness in fellowship and Grace never discriminates, extended to the lowest dispossessed and imprisoned, in the sounds of holy HipHop and Gospel rap’s 808s. Faith and flow from the old quarter to East Jerusalem to New Jerusalem’s Streets. Socially and spiritually-conscious music compilations; tangible alchemies of urban design, HipHop and indigenous soundscapes meeting spiritual poverty. Faith-informed music tending hundreds of hearts and souls, reconnecting humanity through the music of global urban cultures. iABRAHAM’s pRISEN works to bring compassionate connectedness and renewal to spiritual brokenness in our urban poor communities. Philanthropy in the language of the street where human endeavor and spiritual inspiration catalyze communities from being downtrodden, to becoming spiritually inspired–restored and reconnected to faith. Renewed and deepened in relationship to God.


iAbraham ministers to the incarcerated through the spiritual power of music, harnessing the City’s raw, rough-edged hustle. Engaging creative innovation elHOMEbre and pRISEN move hearts and souls toward redemptive lives, living restitution and spiritual restoration. Hardknocx envoys from Manhattan to Mecca, emCs from the street, ex-prisoners from the hood, all working to be transformed by life in the Spirit through Christ. Allah. Eylohim. Revitalized souls, our Abrahamic faithful spittin’ Godly rhymes for they urban streets’ and spiritual good. Arabic rap in mid-town to soul-cypha spits in Harlem; Jewish hipsters from the holy lands, behind-bars beatmakers in Brooklyn. Christian Gospel rap and holy cultures coalesce together in iABRAHAM making music into Interfaith spiritual dialogues, connecting our Abrahamic faiths at the crossroads and center of common ground.

iAbraham urban outreach and creative cultural initiative engenders a vision of living intimately by God’s grace

and striving to give modern voice to Abraham’s covenantal worldview of radical hospitality. Engaging chaplains and clergy, musicians and designers, fine arts and ecumenist Interfaith architects, iAbraham.Co creates revitalized spiritual reality for the poor and destitute by re-envisioning God’s word and work in the world.

As an Interfaith initiative bringing together brilliant beatmakers and emC’s, artists and trades professionals

spanning the gamut of Abrahamic religions, iAbraham strives to create modern expressions of inner spiritual life across our Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. Digital media and technologies’ unparalleled access allows iAbraham to create and combine music and faith, design arts, fellowships, film and video forging them into new forms for socially and spiritually restorative justice, paradigms for Interfaith dialogue and reconciliation, new conduits for reconnection to life in the Spirit. iAbraham urban outreach focuses on serving the least of these, our spiritually disenfranchised, downtrodden and dispossessed made in God’s image.

iAbraham not-for-profit encourages modern Radical Hospitality, partnering with underground elements and cultural ambassadors working to create something new of our cities’ birth, life and death. Imbuing urban dwellings with the sounds of our core identity as inheritors of Abraham’s legacy, we’re universal travelers in the nexus of globally intersecting crossroads. iAbraham invites modern music as spiritual dialogue, through urban sounds engaging the Abrahamic faiths in repairing our broken and beautiful world.