iAbraham not-for-prophet urban outreach is a creative cultural initiative to the homeless, addiction and incarceration communities. iABraham articulates, and utilizes modern forms of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as dialogue for reconciliation, restorative social justice and repair of our beleaguered, beautiful world. iAbraham’s Interfaith-based collective of inspired musicians and ecumenist spiritual architects creates raw God worship through socially, spiritually conscious eclectic music–from holy HipHop to spiritually induced electronic street-vibe expressions–cool cultural soundscapes for the urban desert and city grind. Harnessing the hospitality of Abraham’s tent, GUILDWORKS iAbraham strives to better the lives of the disenfranchised and destitute. All revenue from iAbraham directly benefits our recipient charities and philanthropic organizations that feed, clothe and give compassionate care to the dispossessed as well as sustaining iAbraham’s elHOMEbre and pRISEN programs.

Our seminal elHOMEbre program specifically focuses on homeless and addiction communities in NYC, Boston, Santa Fe (NM). After Four years defining, building and refining our vision to forge the strongest possible models, elHOMEbre and pRISEN are slated to bring these communities the grace of music and glimpse of life in the Spirit. Music and meaning, expressive artistic vision, faith’s articulations. The poor in spirit and God’s bound-up broken-hearted nascent forms of powerfully innovative spiritual expression and human endeavors in everyday, discarded life. Found-art objects, stolen tokens of God’s love for us. Urban and ethno-indigenous music, art and lyrical theology, religion, comparative literature and other foundational elements of our humanities. elHOMEbre and pRISEN seek to revitalize hearts, minds, bodies. Reawakening and rejuvenating souls simply “strugglin’ and strivin’” to survive.


iAbraham urban outreach and creative cultural initiative mixes a mission of living intimately by God’s grace and striving to give contemporary voice to Abraham’s covenantal worldview of radical hospitality. Engaging musicians and designers, fine arts and ecumenist Interfaith architects, iAbraham creates revitalized urban realities for the poor and destitute by re-envisioning God’s word and work in the world. Bringing together brilliant beatmakers and emC’s, iAbraham strives to create modern expressions of inner spiritual life spanning our Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. Digital media and technologies’ unparalleled access allow iAbraham to create and combine music and faith, design arts, film and video—forging them into new forms for socially and spiritually restorative justice, new models of dialogue for modern reconciliation, conduits for reconnection to life in the Spirit. iAbraham urban outreach focuses on serving the least of these–our spiritually disenfranchised, downtrodden and dispossessed made in God’s image.

The gift of godly music compels us to be bringing hearts and soulful sounds down to the street. Maybe it’s a memory evoked, pleas from the gutter for spare change or cry for help. A section-8 baby’s broken lullaby or a last song for Jesus before closing our eyes in a church shelter; Or a beaten down passerby welcomed into warmth from a freezing, snowy, stone cold night. Our cities convey a deafening din to and from whatever places God’s holding us. In temporary shelters, tattered cardboard produce-boxes, needle-parks filled with tattooed, glassy-eyed dope users and dirt-poor Spanish immigrants huddled together waiting for late morning services en las Iglesias. Manhattan to Mecca, all who thirst can come and hear. Matthew 25 the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Beatitudes to back-alley holy-hiphop beats; So listen’ cuz elHOMEbre’s bringing a new psalm from our streets.